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23 Jul 2016
Category: Vector Art

Convert Logo, Images, Graphics, PDF To Vector Format Files

If you have a headache from converting jpegs and other raster images to vector, because it takes you a lot of time, or perhaps you have no idea about vectorization then can be your express and affordable solution in converting your old format images into vector. Sign up free to vectorize your bitmap logos and images in less than a day! We perform fast and quality conversion of various logos, pdfs, photos (jpgs, png, tiff, raw), photoshop files (psd) into high quality and easy editable vector format. It can give you the possibility to revive your bad quality image and reproduce it either on digital platform or in printing maintaining high quality.

Well-known vector formats are AI, EPS which can be used in different vector applications, PDF if correctly saved can be fully and easily editable...


02 Jul 2016
Category: Vector Art

Vector is the art of quality. It can be considered the perfection for obtaining excellence for your logos and artworks. It is used to receive elegant and attractive signs for shops, simple or complex t-shirt designs, sophisticated engravings and so on. To put it short, vectors are the craft of designing high quality images.

The era of vector art is relatively new, it started growing with the demand of the technological development and today can easily be used in every household. However, unlike Photoshop, vector programs are a bit tricky to use if you don't have previous experience or proper guidance. That is why many digital artists create their logos and artworks through Photoshop or other pixel based software programs, and stay away from vector generating applications. Even though their results can be truly fascinating, most of them can be used either only in digital printing or digitally and no how in vinyl cutting or x-large size printing. To understand this let’s look at t...