6 Essential Vector Tools That You Cannot Do Without

20 Sep 2016
Category: Vector Art

We have talked about different vector tends, vectorizing techniques and how high quality visuals can be successful for the business sales. Today we would like to share some of our knowledge of basic vector tools which are used in design. If you are familiar with vector applications you will find this interesting to read if you aren't then following blog is made for you.



If you want to draw anything in Adobe Illustrator you simply cannot go without the Pen tool and its variations. It has been incorporated into the application from the very first day of its existence. Using this tool is not that easy for the beginners, however with time and practice you will get better and better, and it will become one of your most beloved tools which you might even call magic wand.


Another easy way to start drawing is to use already ready made shapes. They are very handy when you want to draw quickly some interactive figure...


04 Sep 2016
Category: Vector Art

Converstion of logos, illustrations, photos and images.

Let’s talk about what you need to do to convert images to vectors. Often companies happen to have some system wreck where flies get lost or simply they lose their source file to their logo. What happens next when they need a vector file of their logo and they don’t have it? How do they convert their image to SVG or any other vector format using a bitmap image?

Of course it would be very convenient to have the mother file and save it as an SVG or into any other suitable file extension, however, if you are missing your source file what do you do? In such cases your have two choices; either use the jpg logo that you have at hand and convert it using the automatic features of vector apps such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw or use a professional image to vector service.

The difference between these two approaches lies in the quality of the outcome. In the first option, you get your logo with...