iVectorize.com Vector Service

iVectorize.com is a professional vector service that helps people and their business improve the quality of their low resolution and bad quality raster images with the help of vectorization. The iVectorize.com online vector service was founded in 2013 with the aim to bring fresh and dynamic solutions to the world of visualization. We not only provide fast and professional vector service to our customers, but also competitive and reasonable prices. Having worked in the field for many years, our founding team has noticed that very often due to lack of knowledge in graphic design or vectorization, a lot of customers are charged way more than the actual service costs. At iVectorize.com we emphasize on fairness, quality and speed.

Our team of experienced vector designers will make sure that your artwork is vectorized with high accuracy, speed and by the end of the day you will have your vector image ready for your business. We are here to support you and your projects providing the best experience that a vector service can offer.

Thank you for choosing our vectorization service.

Vahagn Sargsyan

Co-founder of the iVectorize.com

Vahagn Sargsyan, the co-founder of the iVectorize.com holds an MBA degree from the Armenian State Economic University. Since childhood he has always been a great enthusiast of digital art and its mainstreams. Upon graduation he worked as a bank consultant. Since university years he has been involved in freelance graphic design and has extensive experience in vectorizing images. Apart from graphic design he enjoys playing the piano and drawing sketches which, in his words, help him to set free his mind and express his thoughts and mood through simple strokes. LinkedIn

Vahan Alaverdyan

Co-Founder & Director of Client Relations

Vahan Alaverdyan, the co-founder of the iVectorize.com and Director of Client Relations, has worked in a number of organizations in the non-profit sector. Apart from work Vahan enjoys practicing graphic design and photography. His education background includes a master's degree in linguistics from Yerevan State Linguistic University and also currently he is currently doing his second master's degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is also passionate about new ideas and startup initiatives. Linkedin

Iulianna Parakshieva

Designer Coordinator & Strategy Development Manager

Iulianna Parakshieva is our young and energetic Designer Coordinator and Strategy Development Manager who is also the founder of www.presentbox.ru. She has graduated from Moscow State University of Economics from the Statistics, and Informatics Management Department. Alongside with her family duties Iulianna is a reading guru and considers it as the best source for self-education and growth. LinkedIn